You can fix an appointment for consultation on phone.
Make sure to bring all your previous dental records and remember to tell history of previous dental treatment, if any.
You will be thoroughly examined by Dr. Munjal and preliminary findings will be discussed with you and all your queries regarding the type and duration of treatment, estimate etc. will be addressed.
If treatment is indicated, then an Orthodontic diagnostic work-up will be explained to you and an appointment for the same is fixed.
For some children, a consultation is sometimes recommended to determine the need for early or interceptive treatment to address any growth discrepancies.
If treatment is not indicated at that time, the child will stay under observation with us to monitor their dental development, and these re-evaluation visits are complimentary until the child is ready to begin treatment.
Relevant diagnostic records for your treatment will be taken.
After Dr. Munjal has reviewed and analysed the diagnostic records and the workup is complete, an appointment is fixed for discussion.
Dr. Munjal believes that every patient is unique and every patient’s Orthodontic treatment is based on an individualized treatment plan developed by Dr. Munjal which concentrates on state-of-the-art technology and patient-centered aesthetics.
You will be explained about all the findings and treatment recommendations.
The appropriate treatment options will be discussed with you in detail, and you will be informed of the appropriate time to initiate treatment.
Detailed information on treatment fees will also be provided at this appointment.  
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